Friday, 6 January 2017

Battle of Edgehill - 1642: Part 2 (final)

Royalists in a fighting retreat as dusk falls

The last couple of turns of the game went even worse for the Royalist than expected. A Pike heavy Parliamentary regiment (Yellow)  fell on the flank of a recovering and battered Royalist regiment, sending it swiftly home. The Yellow's then followed up into the rear of another Royalist regiment, despatching that too. On the rise the Royalists finally won their melee, but were then stranded deep in Parliamentarian territory and so were swiftly routed - causing morale damage to the cavalry on their way pas. In the last turn the Royalist focus was purely on trying to get out of range of Parliamentary attacks so as not to lose any more units. As it way they has 3 out of their 5 brigades spent (>50% lost or at retreat), and so Army Morale had collapsed and it was game over on the last turn as night fell.

Final positions, Royalists on the right

Overall pretty pleased with how SLS-ECW is working. Possibly a bit bloody, and the DMs a bit extreme, may change +2/4/6 to +1/2/3 - which reduces the differences between units but makes a bit more playable and limits the number of times that a unit might be wiped out in one encounter. No chance to test the new multiple unit melee rules. The "bag of markers" approach worked well - so although quality was randomly assigned each side had the same potential mix, and no need to roll. The small coloured q-tip tufts also worked fine in the dice holders to show quality and first-shot, and a lot easier to handle than 5mm dice!

So good game, and now time to work up the campaign I think before I do any more historical battles.

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