Friday, 13 May 2016

Skirmish Sangin Playtest - Setup

A small town in Afghanistan
Finally getting set up for a playtest of Skirmish Sangin. Picked up a variety of buildings over the past few months, and then scratch built a load of walls from foam-board and grout. Used my 6mm felt roads to mark drainage ditches, and 6mm cornfield markers for scrub. The road is a length of sandpaper which really needs sticking down. Not keen to spend too much on the scenery until I know I like the 15mm skirmish/platoon type wargame, although the same kit will also be used to playtest SF rules and probably even  Chain of Command!

A view down the street. 6ft x 4ft table but not all in use

Starting position for the Brits by the "floating" road!

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