Sunday, 6 March 2016

Campaign: Battle of Corunna

After the Battle of Valencia Nick and I fought the smaller Battle of Corunna, which in game time had actually happened about a week before Valencia, but being so isolated we could play it afterwards.

To recap, I started out holding Corunna with a sacrificial force. Nick took it about Turn 60. Given the speed of communications it wasn't until Turn 70 or so that Marshall Massena is southern Spain heard the news. He then sent orders to Valladolid to send the next reinforcement Brigade to retake Corunna. When they arrived around Turn 105 the city was very lightly defended and easily taken. The British then mustered a force to try and retake the city, but the force was not particularly large - but battle was given.

 Starting positions, Corunna village at bottom
Since the forces involved were much smaller than at Valencia we were able to use 20mm figures and Hexon at 100m per hex.

Initial deployments, view from behind the French lines

My troops held a solid line across the neck of the peninsular. Nick's cavalry came on but were sent on their way by my two batteries. He then pushed light infantry against my left flank, and my forces fell back through the wood. He also pushed his RHA batteries right up to my guns, and then charged them from the woods. A struggle ensued over several turns with first my guns then his guns being over-run and retaken by repeated infantry assaults until finally I sent his guns home. With shattered cavalry, no guns, and much spent infantry the British pulled back and Corunna was safely ours.

British Infantry and Cavalry move up for the attack

French Chasseurs and Legere prepare to advance whilst guns see off a British cavalry probe on the left flank

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