Thursday, 7 August 2014

Confederation of the Rhine - 20mm

About 40 (!) years ago I painted up the Duchy of Wurzburg's 3 battalions, cavalry regiment and gun battery as part of my Airfix Napoleonic wargames army. When I got back into wargaming about 10 years ago and started painting up loads of new French I decided to paint up the whole of the Confederation of the Rhine (the Rhinebund) regiments as a change from painting lots of blue coats. In moving to 6mm I have of course taken the opportunity to paint up the whole of the Confederation again. This post has the 20mm shots, and following posts will have the 6mm force, and then a comparison of the two.

20mm-0CORThe whole Rhinebund contribution of 16 battalions in 7 regiments, plus a couple of batteries.

20mm-1Regt-ArtyThe Wurzburg gun battery. The Wurzburg figures (and paint job) are 40 years old.

The three (old) battalions of the 1st COR Regiment from Wurzburg.

2nd COR Regiment from Nassau. HAT figures, for the 1st Bn, the original Airfix figures for the 2nd.

3rd COR Regiment, also Nassau, 2 Bns.

1st Bn 4th COR Regiment, Saxe-Coburg and Saxe-Meiningen (the guys in the sky blue trousers)

2nd Bn 4th COR Regiment, Saxe-Gotha

3rd Bn 4th COR Regiment, Saxe-Weimar

1st Bn 5th COR Regiment, Anhalt. I've actually got these in 25mm Hinchcliffe as well.

2nd Bn 5th COR Regiment. Lippe.

1st Bn 6th COR Regiment. Schwarzburg

2nd Bn 6th COR. Reuss and Waldeck - note the Waldeck flag.

1st and 2nd Bn 7th COR. Mecklenberg.

Mecklenberg Battery. Another 40yr old piece, think my brother actually painted this one.

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