Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Loebner Prize from a judge's perspective

Interesting view of the Loebner/Turing from a judge this year. His approach is very much to find out if the bot is a human or not, rather than to see if he can have a "normal" conversation. Again this pushes me to the belief that we shoudl have a tiered approach to this:

- test where testers don't know there are any bots
- test where the testers know there are bots but have "normal" conversations
- full gloves-off test

His questions were very much reasoning tests of the third kind:

- if we shake hands, whose hand am I holding?
- I have a jewellery box in my hand, how many CDs can I store in it?
- he four capitals of the UK are three, Manchester and Liverpool. What's wrong with this sentence?

How many times do you ask those in normal conversation?

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