Wednesday, 24 September 2008



Just getting to the end of 2 days at Pre-PICNIC and PICNIC in Amsterdam Unfortunately I've got to head back to the UK tomorrow, but MUST make the whole show next week. Mainly been here courtesy of the Eduverse team - thanks Rob - but been great to get out and see some of the other stuff too. A few random notes:

- The PICNIC club in the old gasometer is great, free wifi, coffee and power
- The QBIC hotel, one step up from a capsule hotel, is great
- Good chat with a Dutch philosopher working in teen second life on daemons as part of the Self City project
- must check our externalism and Hermann's work and externalism
- lots of people using unity
- DrDoug Pennell (SL) from Ohio SU doing some stuff on virtual patients and AIML
- Cutter IT Journal
- 3dexplorer, alatdyne and
- philip rosedale really shoudl have been a revivalist preacher or the new Cliff Richard
- oh, and the donkey carries GPS and a web cam and is lifelogging its way across Europe guided by children

Now for supper!

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