Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Deborah's off to Mumbai


Deborah and the team left for Mumbai about 1130 this morning. We drove down in the rain and helped load the vehicles and then waved goodbye in the rain. All being well they'll be in Dunkerque now.

It's going to be strange not having Deborah around for 10 whole weeks. I still can't decide whether its better or worse that I've got the kids through the holidays rather than during term time. With term it would be easier just to settle into a routine, but at least with holiday they've got the opportunity to go off and do things and take their minds off the fact that Deb's not around - and give me a break. We'll see how it pans out. Ruth finishes term on Friday anyway.

You can keep track of Deborah's journey on her blog and team web site.


Jo helping to load the Landcruisers.


Ruth, Deb and Jo


The four of us.

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