Wednesday, 3 October 2007

EU Framework 7 vs DARPA Grand Challenges

Biologically Inspired Intelligent Navigation System (BINSYS) %u2014 Ideal-ist

This is the sort of FP7 project that annoys me:

All of us are aware of the increasing rate of road accidents occurring everyday. Major advances in automobile engineering have provided us with good performance vehicles, but there is a lack of devices/systems that can reduce driver stress. We do have the provision of “Auto-Pilot” in airplanes to help reduce the stress of Pilot but, there has been no step towards providing the same or similar in motor vehicles run on road, where the rate of accidents are much more as compared to accidents in air.
So we propose to develop an Intelligent system that can help in navigation, reduce the driver stress and contribute to safer and more efficient driving."

In the US DARPA just puts up $2m in prize money and waits for someone from the private sector to achieve it!

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