Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Digital Futures

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Had a great day today up at Digital Futures - a new media event being held for old media people up in Manchester. The morning was mostly new media, talks from Channel 4, and some web/interactive media and serious games people. Even the presenter realised though that the Digital Future is actually a Digital Now (or even a Digital 10 Years Ago), and that new media is now just old media.

Over lunch had a chance to play with a Wii on a projection screen. Tennis was just like real tennis, very effective.

The afternoon kicked off with a Dragons Den type event. One pitch was fine (augmented reality using 2D barcodes in a digital viewer). The other was so laughable I thought it was sppof. After 10 minutes I had no idea what the two old media guys were talking about, and they even hid behind the old "NDA" protection. They'd obviously heard the word "2.0", but didn't really get it.

Then it was my turn. We were showing of the new Digital Futures build in Second Life. I was in a side room with my laptop and a radio mic. Jude was in the main room at the lectern, her laptop and SL view being repeated on the main screen. We met up on the south side of the island and I then took her for a tour of the site and all the facilities. The combination of SL and audio worked really well.

The day finished with a great presentation on Alternate Reailty Gaming, and the scoop that Perplexcity had just been solved.

Overall a great day. Interestingly the dominant message was about "stories" and "storytelling". That is what these creative types all do, and that is what they want to bring to Web 2.0 and Web 3pointD.

All the DF material is being posted to the web at, and we will also be posting the material in world at the Digital Futures island.

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