Wednesday, 6 December 2006

PVRs Rule

Our Humax PVR9600T (or whatever) arrived yesterday. All installed like a dream and set up the weeks TV to record. No more messing about with what's on what video tape. Hurray. Only niggles:

- the TV Schedule only appears to be 3-4 day lookahead (or maybe its a fixed Sat-Fri rather than a rolling 7 days)

- when you click on a recorded programme rather than play it it brings up the option box and sits over the Delete default - dangerous. To play it you have to press PLAY (ok, but a smaller button), and then it only plays in a window so you have to press MENU to go back to full-screen.

Picture quality of DTV/Freeview is great, even though I doubt we'll use many of the other channels (apart from BBC4 and Film4). Mind you More4 is showing thirtysomething reruns....

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