Thursday, 14 September 2006

SLC - SL Chatbots

Managed to get Halo into SL. Very easy in the end. Just wrote an XML template for her to pick up on the web end, and then an LSL script to parse the XML being returned by the REST call. Added a few extra SL side functions like Say, Whisper, Channel, Be Quiet. Will also add some SL specific patterns to pick up on things like her location, who she's speaking too etc. Will be equally easy to get Charlotte and Lillian in.

The Nabaztag link is working very well. It's reporting probably half a dozen people a day coming into the office or up to the demo suite. The next step would be to get Halo to talk to them as they come in as well.

Between the RSS stuff and the chatbots there could be some real opportunities here.

Typing this just had a thought - would be good to be able to blog from within SL. And if only I can work out how to display text on a prim. Could do it at a prim per word I suppose. Perhaps some sort of scrolling display?

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