Thursday, 12 May 2005

La Bouche

Doesn't anybody remember La Bouche? Not the German funk group but the English dance/performance group formed by Philip Chambon and Andy Arthurs in the mid/late 80s. Having moved on to MP3'ing my tapes I've found both the Yet Another Crisis and the "The Attractions of Living in a Bungalow" albums, plus of course the "Chasing the Mirage". If it wasn't for a supurious hit on some holiday site this La Bouche would be a Googlewhack. Anybody know what ever become of them, or have similar fond memories of them? One of their best visual piece was a breakfast table scene, two members eating cornflakes and the only sounds coming as each member hit a Simmonds SDS-8 electronic drum pad kit to generate the snap, crackle and pop! (and yes I know I'm mixing my cereal metaphors!)

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  1. Bit of a long shot, but I've been tryng to track down "Yet Another Crisis" by La Bouche for years, ever since I used to date a dancer and she introduced me to them. I used to have the cassette, but now lost after many house moves and clear outs! I don't suppose you have a link to your mp3 files?
    Many thanks in hopeful anticipation!
    Paul Manvell

  2. Sure, will email you - great albums

  3. By the way I did once get a message from an arts college student who had Philip Chambon as his tutor!