Tuesday, 4 May 2004

Chatterbox Challenge 2004

The Chatterbox Challenge is over for 2004 as far as Halo is concerned. She didn't make the final 10 - shame. She did though score 8th in capability and 5th in interface. I've also now got a far better idea of what she needs to do in order to do better next year. She is though still having a LOT of conversations - 817 since I reset the log after Christmas some time!

The final 10 are:

Alice by Dr. Wallace
Elbot by Fred Roberts
Ella by Kevin Copple
God Louise by Joy Harwood
Hal by Zabaware
Jabberwacky by Rollo Carpenter
Jabberwock by Juergen Pirner
Little Mu by Jamie Kowalski
Talk-Bot by Chris Cowart
Zero by Computer Hope

I must atke the time to have a good chat with each.

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