Thursday, 20 November 2003

Fru Hazlitt and PlanetLab

Heard Fru Hazlitt, MD of Yahoo UK, talk today at a CBI lunch. Very enthusiastic and inspiring about the web and where it going. She was mainly there to promote the joint Yahoo/BT broadband initiative, but also told some "life at Yahoo" stories - in particular Bob Geldorf's views on the web.

Her main messages:

- dial up was Web 1, broadband was Web2, we don't know what Web 3 will be yet, but boy is it coming and it will be "amazing"

- listen to the kids - they are growing up only having known the web.

I'd agree with both points, and my kids certainly bear out point 2.

She also mentioned PlanetLab. It's a joint academic/industry next generation Internet project:

To Create the open infrastructure for invention of the next generation of wide-area (“planetary scale”) services
- post-cluster, post-yahoo, post-CDN, post-P2P, ...

Potentially, the foundation on which the next Internet can emerge - think beyond TCP/UDP/IP + DNS + BGP + OSPF... as to what the net provides
- building-blocks upon which services and applications will be based
“the next internet will be created as an overlay in the current one” (NRC)

A different kind of network testbed
-not a collection of pipes and giga-pops
-not a distributed supercomputer
-geographically distributed network services
-alternative network architectures and protocols

To Focus and Mobilize the Network / Systems Research Community to define the emerging internet

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