Saturday, 9 August 2003

Girl Fridays

Since this blog is meant to be about cyberstuff I suppose my Girl Friday's ought to be virtual, so:


Yuna is the summoner from Final Fantasy X. Yuna is a japanese name. It's pronounced with a long U and short A.
It's a girl's name, it means "night" and also is the name of a flower, a hibiscus (hibiscus is a tropical flower) that can be found in places like Okinawa. she is a Summoner and daughter of a Great Summoner . Summoners are people who decide to bring peace to the Spira people , by defeating Sin and they learn how to invoke sacred Beasts called Aeons. Yuna has a large number of web shrines. OK so she got in twice!

Major Motoko Kusanagi

The lead character in Ghost in the Shell. An andriod with a "ghost" brain.
Rachel Leeds

Max Steel's partner and N-Tek agent in the Max Steel TV CGI animated series.
Kyoko Date (aka DK-96)

The first idoru - a virtual Japanese pop star created by HoriPro Inc.
Aki Ross

Lead character from The Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within CGI film.

Lead character from Final Fantasy X. Picked up on her from the superb Final Fantasy X/Skater Boy Amine Music Video by Cass Morgan. Superb.

There's even a Miss Digital World competition now.

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