Saturday, 5 September 1970

Hey I was born today (well a bit before this really..)

For ages I've been thinking about "retro-blogging" - blogging events from my past. Bringing together all my old photos, traval diaries and the like. I was surprised when I Googled retro-bloggin just now (9 Jul 05) that not only were their 50 odd entries, but also the retro-blogging was really about just catching up with thing from the past few days, or at most re-posting papers and articles written a few years ago. To me retro-blogging is a whole-life blog. I won't promise to do things in order, or even do that much that quickly, but at least I've made a start before the term becomes too common!

** Blogger wont let me set a date before 1970 :-(

***Imported from old blog***

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